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Whole House Filtration

Price From: £400.00

Included in this package:

Purahouse® Whole House Filtration Unit, complete with one set of filters

Optional – Pre-Plumbed Unit

Optional – Puraflow Water Flow Meter



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Tapure® 3in1 Tap
and Tapure Water Purifier

Price From: £780.00

Included in this package:

Your choice of 3in1 tap

HOT/COLD & Filtered Ambient

Tapure Water Purifier


Configure your 3 in 1 Tap

Accessories, Replacement Filters & CO2 Bottles

We have replacement filters for our Purahouse® whole house filtration system and Tapure Water Purifier. You can either choose to purchase all three at once or order individually. Check the code numbers and images to ensure you have the correct filters for your appliance.

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