We firmly believe that improving the quality of your drinking and bathing water has a significant impact on your wellbeing. That is our experience of bringing water filtration systems into our homes – we’ve seen it first-hand. That’s why we’re not just about great-looking, innovative taps and drinking stations, we’re about the quality of water that flows through them.

Clean water (healthy concept)


Tapure’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality filtered water, free from impurities and contaminants to wash, bathe, cook and drink, together with innovative taps and dispensers for modern day living. Our products are super energy efficient and are made from the highest grade of materials with long filter life to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Our story

Founder, Antony Casey, is an ex Royal Marine who joined at the age of 16 and served over 6 years. His time in The Marines taught him the ethics of how to build a successful company and consolidated his values of:

  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Unselfishness
  • Cheerfulness
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Since leaving the Royal Marines, Antony set up and still runs an award-winning construction company, Casey’s Construction Ltd. Water and health are Antony’s passions, and several years ago he turned this obsession with water into a business in the water filtration industry. Here’s what Antony has to say about it…

If someone had told me back in 2015 that five years later I’d be studying for an MSc in Health Science, living an organic healthier lifestyle and making my own yoghurt from raw milk, I’d have thought they were mad.

At that time, I was living the typical unhealthy life of many builders and busy working people. This involved grabbing processed food on the go, not noticing the ingredients or where the food came from, drinking too much alcohol and generally burning the candle at both ends. But a series of health incidents, both for me and my family, set us off on a journey of research and investigation that has changed our lives forever.

I found a high-quality filter I liked and we used it for a couple of years. Then I got to thinking that with some improvements, development and innovation, I could create an even better filtration system. One that is more energy-efficient, has built-in hygiene functions, longer filter life and an even better filtration level.

Fast forward 18 months, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and Tapure was born. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and the technology we’re bringing to our customers will help so many people benefit from purer water.

I can honestly say that since installing our water filters we have never felt better. I don’t get those peaks and dips in health that I used to get, I’m just steady, healthy and I feel sharp. I feel so switched on and alive it’s like I’m running on a Pentium Gold Processor and before I was an Amstrad.

So, if you’re thinking about making lifestyle changes, wondering whether you should go organic or get those health niggles looked at or buy that water filter, my advice to you is just do it. Find the money, find the space to fit it and find the time to change your life – your body and your family will thank you for it.

Drain water from the tap Metal

Scientist chemist in gloves pouring water from flask into glass closeup. Drinking water quality control concept


We have spent thousands of hours researching water quality in the UK, investigating water purification methods, testing different systems on the market and designing, testing and trialing our own water filtration system. Here are some key facts about water that you should know:

  1. Drinking water in the UK often contains impurities, contaminants and bacteria (not convinced? Read the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s (DWI) report and check out the legal notices and prosecutions on water companies).
  2. Drinking bottled water is expensive and resource-intensive, the water can contain microplastics and all that plastic is just bad for the environment.
  3. The healthiest drinking water from a tap should be purified by a filter and then re-mineralized so it becomes antioxidant, alkaline water.
  4. The more levels and stages of water filtration, especially with reverse osmosis, the more contaminants are removed.
  5. Water filters have variable outputs and some need replacement filters more often, which can be costly in the long run, depending on the capability of the filter.


At Tapure, we focus on wellness combined with stylish lifestyle solutions. We’re on a mission to spread the word about the benefits of drinking filtered water so that everyone can enjoy good health. Our patented water filters are also installed in our own homes – so we know them inside out. And we back up everything we do with science, facts and accreditations (we like the detail).

We believe the Tapure Purahouse (Whole House Water Filtration System) and the Tapure Water Purifier (Under Sink Water Filtration System) are the best water filtration systems in the world.

A bold claim, but we believe they have the best filtering capability, the most innovative technology and the longest filter lifetime, making them a cost-effective choice for customers. All our water filters come with free delivery and a 2 year warranty.

With over 15 years’ experience through our award-winning parent company, Casey’s Construction Ltd, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you or your preferred trades in the installation of our products. We’ll even install the filters, taps and drink stations for you if you’re in the UK – check out our installation page to build your bespoke installation quote.

Most importantly though, we pride ourselves on giving honest, friendly and reliable customer service and advice. So if you’re unsure of which system would suit you best, just get in touch.


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