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TAMAR 5-in-1 Tap – filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water

Tapure’s TAMAR is the ultimate digital 5-in-1 tap. It dispenses normal hot/cold tap water, plus filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water. Our Tapure Water Purifier provides the best quality filtration on the market and our TAPOD® dispenses boiling, sparkling and chilled water for your ALL-IN-1 solution.

Tapure’s high level of filtration ensures there is no need for expensive de-scaling or ion exchange filtration. Prolonging the lifetime of your appliance.

Designed in UK – Registered Design No 6244074



Filtered Chilled

Filtered Sparkling

Filtered Boiling

5 Year Tapure Warranty

Free UK delivery

Configure your 5 in 1 Tap


Our digital 5-in-1 tap, TAMAR, is at the cutting-edge of technology, design and innovation. Dispensing the best filtered water on the market, TAMAR provides instant chilled, sparkling and boiling* water. Your alkaline, antioxidant water is free from over 1000 impurities and has been filtered down to 0.0001 microns.

5-in-1 taps come with a 2 year Tapure warranty and we provide free delivery in mainland UK.

  • How it works

    The TAMAR 5-in-1 tap of your choice is fitted to your kitchen sink, replacing your normal tap. Everything else is hidden away in cupboards! No clutter, no kettle, no filters on your worktop – simply our stylish and functional 5-in-1 tap.

    The stainless steel tap has a mixer lever for standard hot/cold water and a knurled edge handle with icons and LED light indicators to show the dispensing options:

    • Blue – chilled filtered water
    • Green – sparkling filtered water
    • Red – boiling filtered water
    • Purple – for re-heating.

    Included in this package is:

    1. TAMAR 5-in-1 tap
    2. TAPOD
    3. Tapure Water Purifier

    Under your kitchen sink or in a cupboard will sit the TAPOD and the Tapure Water Purifier. TAPOD powers the 5-in-1 tap (chilled, boiling, sparkling water) and our Tapure Water Purifier filters the water. The water dispensed from your 5-in-1 tap has been purified with thousands of contaminants removed. It also tastes great as we re-mineralize it to make alkaline, antioxidant water.

    We believe that our water purifier is the best on the market removing 99.99% of impurities, bacteria and microbes down to 0.0001 microns – just compare the filtration specifications!


  • 5-in-1 tap colour and design options

    Simply choose the TAMAR 5-in-1 tap that suits your style of kitchen and decor. The range features a choice of traditional round or modern square spout and all taps come with a knurled edge handle. Colour options include stainless steel and matte black. Just select your preferred option at checkout.

    Our 5-in-1 taps come in either a stainless steel or a matte black finish, providing a lifetime of protection from daily wear, which adds durability and value to your Tapure product.

  • Boiling* water on demand

    Making a tea, coffee or hot drink is quick and easy with our TAMAR 5-in-1 tap.

    To dispense boiling water, you will need to use the safety feature – twist the knob to the hot water function, it will flash red, turn off and back on again to red within 2 seconds to dispense. All functions dispense for up to 60 seconds then switch off.

    You can use 1.2 litres of boiling water in one go (around four or five cups). After that it reheats, which takes between three and four minutes.

    TAPOD dispenses water through the drink station at 96C, which we believe is the perfect temperature for the perfect brew. It is also safer and minimizes spitting and spraying.

    *When we talk about boiling water, we are referring to water that dispenses at 96C. We use the term ‘boiling’ as calling it hot water would be confusing.

  • Sparkling water on tap

    Enjoy filtered sparkling water on demand through your TAMAR 5-in-1 tap. Making your own fizzy drinks with filtered water is the healthier option and is cheaper than buying bottled. Plus, you’re living more sustainably and doing your bit in saving on production of plastic bottles.

    TAPOD C02 cylinders are quick change for ease. Each machine comes with two 60 litre cylinders to make 120 litres of sparkling water. An LED light will alert you when a replacement C02 cylinder is required. We recycle all filters if you return them to us.

  • Energy-efficient

    Our innovative 5-in-1 tap is energy-efficient compared with boiling a kettle – and quicker too! We store water at 96C in a tank that goes into stand-by mode overnight – so you aren’t paying to keep a large tank of water on the boil.

  • Hygienic

    The water dispensed from your 5-in-1 tap is already free from contaminants, bacteria and impurities, as it has been filtered through our water purifier. However, as an additional hygiene measure, built in to the TAPOD® is UV sterilization at the point of dispensing.

    With instant-start UV sterilization, a high efficiency UV light eliminates 99.9% of germs without affecting the taste of the chilled or sparkling water. There is a LED light notification to alert you when a new UV lamp is required.

  • What size hole needs drilling for my Tamar 5in1 Tap?

    The Tap requires a standard 35mm diameter hole cut out.

  • What clearance do I need to leave between my tap and splash-back?

    Before installation, please make sure there is sufficient clearance between the back of the tap handles and the splash-back/upstand. You will need a minimum of 35mm to allow the tap handle to operate correctly.


BRAND Tapod®

SIZE 23(W) x 44(D) x 40(H) cm

WATER OPTIONS Boiling/Sparkling/chilled

CHILLING CAPACITY up to 20 litres per hour


HOT WATER 98C CAPACITY 2.3 litre- hot water tank to deliver 1.2 litre of around 96C hot water after each reheating. 3-4 min reheat time


POWER CONSUMPTION Hot water 1000W / Cold Water 100W


C02 QUICK CHANGE REGULATOR – comes with qty 1 x 425g cylinder for 60 litres of sparkling water


INSTANT-START UV STERILIZATION a high efficiency UV light eliminates 99.9% of germs without affecting the taste of the chilled or sparkling water.

LED LIGHT NOTIFICATION for replacement C02 and UV lamp.

FRONT SWITCH to turn system on/off for holiday etc


MODEL Tapure Water Purifier

DAILY PRODUCTION RATE 3,500 Litres Per Day (LPD) @ 4 Bar

PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES 2:1 filtered water to waste water

FLOW RATE 1.6 Litres Per Minute (LPM) @ 4 Bar

TEMPERATURE 4°C Min. – 38°C Max

OPERATING PRESSURE 2 Bar Min. – 5.5 Bar. Max

POWER REQUIREMENTS – 240v socket- 24v 60w

DIMENSIONS 15cm (Width), 38cm (Depth), 47cm (Height)
Weight: 14kg



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