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TAPOD® – dispenses boiling, chilled and sparkling water on demand

Our innovative Tapod® allows your selected 5-in-1 tap or drink station to quickly dispense filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water.

It does this by working in conjunction with the Tapure Water Purifier, so your boiling, sparkling or chilled water is purified, re-mineralized and tastes amazing! Added built in UV sterilization is also provided.

Filtered Boiling

Filtered Chilled

Filtered Sparkling

2 Years Tapure Warranty

Free UK Delivery

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Tapure 5-in-1 taps and drink stations are all powered by our TAPOD® machine. Using cutting-edge technology, TAPOD® dispenses boiling, chilled and sparkling water on demand.

And the best bit – TAPOD® isn’t just for convenience and lifestyle! It is time-saving, energy-efficient and, linked to the Tapure Water Purifier, all the water it dispenses is purified!

TAPOD comes with a 2 year Tapure warranty and we provide free delivery in mainland UK.

  • How it works

    TAPOD® sits under your 5 IN 1 Tap or Drink Station, connected to your Tapure Water Purifier which can be fitted in another location if space is limited. Both systems require a 240 socket. This means that all boiling, chilled or sparkling water is 99.99% impurity-free and has been re-mineralized to make great-tasting alkaline, antioxidant water.

    Due to the Tapure Water Purifier providing impurity free re-mineralised water to the TAPOD®, no descaling, no Ion exchange filters are required or any other filters are required to keep the system dispensing great tasting filtered, Boiling, Sparking chilled and chilled water.

  • Boiling* water - on demand

    We love the convenience of making a quick coffee or cuppa with boiling water on demand– all filtered, of course. We designed TAPOD® to dispense hot water around 96C, both for safety and for better tasting drinks.

    Other boiling water machines that provide true boiling water can spit and spray when in use and this is something we wanted to avoid. Plus, our drink stations and 5-in-1 taps come with built-in safety touch/unlock features to ensure that boiling water can only be dispensed when unlocked correctly.

    As coffee afficionados, we know that the optimum temperature to pour water on coffee is between 91C and 96C. And based out of Yorkshire, we obviously enjoy a nice strong cuppa, so we are aware that pouring boiling water on tea can scorch the delicate tea leaves and ruin your drink.

    TAPOD® dispenses Hot water at around 96C, which we believe is the perfect temperature for the perfect brew. 

    TAPOD® delivers 1.2 litres of boiling water in one go (around four or five cups), it will then reheat, which takes between three and four minutes.

  • Sparkling chilled - Cocktails, mocktails and fizzy drinks

    Make your own fizzy drinks with purified, alkaline, antioxidant water. If you’re into health, then you probably know all about the benefits of filtered water. But what about when you want a G&T or a fizzy drink? We make our own sparkling drinks and tonics – it works out much cheaper and saves on plastic bottles. TAPOD® C02 cylinders are quick change for ease. Each machine comes with one CO2 cylinder to make 60 litres of sparkling water. An LED light will alert you when a replacement C02 cylinder is required.

  • Cool as…

    With a chilling capacity of 20 litres per hour, you’ll keep cool and enjoy freshly chilled, impurity-free water on demand. What’s more, there’s an in-built leak detector – we’re pretty sure you won’t need it but we like to be on the safe side.

  • No more plastic!

    We hate waste and the damage that plastic is doing to this wonderful plant we all share. So, removing the need for bottled water – whether still or sparkling – is key for us. Bottled water is neither a healthy, cost-effective nor sustainable choice.

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  • Energy-efficient

    Installing a TAPOD® is energy-efficient compared with boiling a kettle. We store water at 98C in an insulated stainless-steel tank – so unlike some boiling water machines, you aren’t paying to keep a large tank of water constantly on the boil. TAPOD® also has a front switch so you can easily turn the system on/off if you’re away for the weekend or go on holiday or even at night. You can also change the temperature of the stored hot water to H – M – L reducing the stored water temperature by 2C on each setting.

  • Hygienic

    The water flowing through TAPOD® is already free from contaminants, bacteria and impurities, as it has been filtered through our water purifier. However, as an additional hygiene measure built in to the TAPOD® is UV sterilization at the point of dispensing. With instant-start UV sterilization, a high efficiency UV light eliminates 99.9% of germs without affecting the taste of the chilled or sparkling water. There is a LED light notification to alert you when a new UV lamp is required.



SIZE 23(W) x 44(D) x 40(H) cm

WATER OPTIONS Boiling/Sparkling/chilled

CHILLING CAPACITY up to 20 litres per hour


HOT WATER 98C CAPACITY 2.3 litre- hot water tank to deliver 1.2 litre of approximately 96C hot water after each reheating. 3-4 min reheat time


POWER CONSUMPTION Hot water 1000W / Cold Water 100W


CO2 QUICK CHANGE REGULATOR comes with qty 1 x 425 grams cylinder for 60 litres of sparkling water


INSTANT-START UV STERILIZATION a high efficiency UV light eliminates 99.9% of germs without affecting the taste of the chilled or sparkling water.

LED LIGHT NOTIFICATION for replacement C02 and UV lamp.

FRONT SWITCH to turn system on/off for holiday etc



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