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What are the benefits of a whole house filtration system?

A whole house filtration system or sometimes referred to as (POE) Point of Entry filtration system is fitted just after your stop tap inside your property. This means that all the water entering your home is filtered to a higher level than your existing tap water – giving you better-tasting water for drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry. Some systems like our Purahouse® have anti-scale media to protect your pipes from corrosion which can leach metals into your water supply, this also reduces the risk of limescale which can stick to your pipes and valves causing premature failing of your appliances.


The benefits of whole house filtration systems not only protect your pipes but reduce the impurities in the water.  Some water companies add chemicals to the water, such as Chlorine, to prevent bacteria, viruses and parasites. Fluoride which is found naturally in water is now being added by some water companies.

Although the UK has very high standards of water quality, the standards are set to allow ‘minimum safe amounts of impurities in the water per mg/l’ but what should we ask ourselves… Are these standards set for babies and small children or fully grown adults? and WHY are these standards set?

It is impossible to remove all these impurities throughout the water mains network, due to a number of factors including, but not limited to, ageing cast water mains, Asbestos water mains, works carried out on mains, broken damaged mains. The excessive use of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, which after heavy rain, can overwhelm the water treatment plants and cause failures. Antibiotics, the contraceptive pills and other pharmaceuticals that pass through the bodies of humans and animals inevitably enter the water course to name but a few.

If you look around us everything you see is a product that eventually breaks down. Harmful plastics, chemicals, PFAS and metals  can eventually enter the water systems which supply our homes with drinking water.

This is where the benefit of a whole house water filter can benefit you, your family and your home. Filtering the water entering your home is the best way to reduce any impurities in your domestic water supply.

A whole house water filter will not remove all impurities and contaminants in the water for various reasons including how long your supplied water is in contact with the filtration media, the type and quality of the filtration media, the quality of your incoming water and how many litres of water your filters are rated to before the filtration media is exhausted and can no longer do its job. Much the same as water companies which supply you with water!

Higher levels of filtration mean the filtration media required has a much smaller micron rating and this results in a much lower flow rate of water, this would mean your appliances requiring water will not work correctly so this is not practical for your water appliances throughout your home.

This is why we at TAPURE® recommend adding our under-sink water purifier system which reduces all contaminants down to 0.0001 Micron for all your drinking and cooking needs. Healthy Alkaline Antioxidant water. Ideally the water you drink and cook with needs a higher level of purification as you absorb much more when you ingest food and drink.

Some of the chemicals found in standard tap water can be incredibly drying for the skin and hair, especially for people with eczema and dermatitis. With a whole house water filter, you’ll have filtered bathing water in all of your bathrooms and showers – as well as for washing clothes and dishes. The impurities in the water will be greatly reduced providing you with much cleaner water throughout your home.

Our Purahouse® system is designed and built in the UK, it is pre plumbed for easy installation. The NSF certified filtration media has been selected to offer maximum filtration levels and capacity with no reduction in flow rate. We use GAC with a MASSIVE 600 GRAMS of KDF 55/85 (not 30g as others use) and speciality carbon fibre nano to trap the smallest of contaminates. The Purahouse® comes with a digital flow meter to measure your water consumption in litres for accurate filter changes.

This keeps the quality of the water throughout your home at its best!

For more information visit – Purahouse® Whole House Filtration – Tapure



To find out more about the full range of Tapure filtered water products click here


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